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Billy Clyde Gillispie wants Memphis job..

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Sounds about right.

Commercial Appeal Memphis – Gillispie wants Memphis job.


Orton staying with UK

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Daniel Orton was re-recruited by Coach Cal. Go CATS!

Gillispie fired for just a contract dispute?

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Pardon me sir. I thought there was more to it than just a ‘contract dispute’?

Bruce Pearl knows Kentucky got an ‘upgrade’

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The man in orange knows what he’s facing next season..

Pearl knows Kentucky got ‘upgrade’..

Contract signed. Welcome to Big Blue Nation, Coach Cal!

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Deal is done! After a crazy day full of rumors. Some had Cats fans nervous, giddy and downright afraid that Coach Cal would stay in Memphis. (I personally heard a lot of BS today, honestly, who makes this stuff up?) Big Blue Nation has their new CEO, John Calipari. Press conference is set for tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM EDST. ESPNEWS will be broadcasting it LIVE. Don’t expect this story to die down anytime soon. Especially with the recruiting situation. Get some rest CATS fans and enjoy the ride!

How we arrived at this point..

Calipari to make final decision this aftenoon..

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Commercial Appeal Memphis – Tigers’ Calipari to make decision this afternoon about Kentucky.

Two quotes I’m digging here.

“Things will be OK here,” Calipari said.

 “Taking the job is the easy part of the decision. Leaving here is the hard part.”

Cats fans in a frenzy..

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21anvrIf you were under a rock today, you missed out on news that have Kentucky fans and the national media in a frenzy. Catspause.com is experiencing record traffic. Users found themselves staring at a live feed of the Memphis University Athletic Department doors. Something else is happening. Fans are uniting, they’re beside themselves. Some of them won’t be getting much sleep until Kentucky makes an official announcement. I even read a post from a fan who posted, “Today, I feel like I am the AD of UK.” UK fans are getting what they asked for, and that’s John Calipari! I have collected links from throughout the day and posted them for your reading pleasure. CATS CATS CATS !!!!!

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March 31, 2009 at 3:55 am